Anti-vaccine sentiment extends COVID-19 pandemic, generates absurd headlines


The world’s most preventable pandemic continues to make headlines in 17th-century medicine. From NPR:

At a local hospital in upstate New York, dozens of staff quit their jobs after refusing to be vaccinated. The move seriously disrupted care in the process. Lewis County General Hospital in Lowville, NY, announced Friday that it was suspending maternity services later this month because dozens of staff resigned rather than get vaccinated against COVID- 19.

Find new careers, all of you.

As of Friday, 30 employees had resigned from Lewis County General Hospital. At least 464 people in the Lewis County health system have been vaccinated, a 73% vaccination rate among employees. Separately, there are 165 workers who have not been vaccinated and have yet to share their plans as the September 27 deadline approaches for a first injection.

And then there is this unfortunate woman who lived free… and died. However, his beatification by the crowd in horse paste is well advanced. Of Chicago Tribune:

For more than a week, his supporters had besieged the Resurrection by demanding that Wolski be given ivermectin. The drug is typically used to treat illnesses caused by parasitic worms, but has been hailed as a cure for COVID-19 by some despite the lack of definitive scientific evidence or government clearance … Over the weekend, some of Wolski’s supporters attempted to get the hospital to discharge her.

A video posted Sunday night on right-wing lawyer Lin Wood’s Telegram channel shows him demanding over the phone that the hospital release Wolski to someone with his medical power of attorney. “There is an ambulance waiting for her outside, there is a doctor waiting for her to treat her,” he said. “If you don’t release her, you will be guilty of murder. Do you understand what murder is?

If you’re thinking of witnessing the birth of the next phenomenon Terri Schiavo, trust that sentiment as we go along.

And, finally, there’s this really horrible story from Remember the wankfest that El Caudillo del Mar-a-Lago tenuous almost a month ago in the city of Cullman, Alabama? Well, Cullman is back in the news, and in an even more tragic way.

In his obituary, DeMonia’s family said southern hospitals swollen with COVID-19 patients meant medical staff at Cullman Regional Medical Center had to look elsewhere. “In honor of Ray, please get the vaccine if you haven’t, in an effort to free up resources for non-COVID emergencies,” the obituary read. “Due to COVID 19, CRMC emergency staff contacted 43 hospitals in 3 states looking for a cardiac intensive care bed and eventually found one in Meridian, MS. He wouldn’t want another family to go through what his did.

Finally, via the Washington Post, we find that the horse paste lobby has found some kind of ally in the health cult woo-woo community.

For many, the term “disinformation” conjures up images of Russian conspiracy theory forums and robots. But an alarming amount is reaching audiences in the fields of health and wellness. Many social media influencers who focus on natural remedies, holistic health and new age spirituality have shared posts and videos questioning the wisdom of the coronavirus vaccination. Public health experts say widespread reluctance to vaccinate increases the threat of virus mutations and helps keep the pandemic raging.

As the To post takes care to point out, the wellness industry played a major role in the original anti-vax movement around the time it took off during the Jenny McCarthy era. This part of the movement never died. It just became less of a current story. But he survived in Facebook groups and elsewhere in the virtual crowdspace. Now, it seems, this universe of followers has found their way back to main luck.

There are all kinds of social media accounts that mix vaccine skepticism with general healthy lifestyle posts. Evie Kevish, a CrossFitter and “certified juice therapist,” who frequently posts the vegetables and fruits she prepares on Instagram, wore a shirt emblazoned with “VACCINS ARE POISON” in a video she posted on June 27. Tania Khazaal, known online as “Tania the Herbalist”, often posts self-portraits with long captions about consuming non-GMO foods and refusing any ingestible products containing fluoride, alcohol and aluminum. It encourages its nearly 50,000 subscribers to “eliminate the pills and introduce the plants”. She has also been posting skeptical content on vaccines since April 2020. In an email, Khazaal said she was not against vaccines, but believed skeptical voices were silenced. “I am not against anything. I am pro-choice and pro-freedom, ”she said. Kevish did not respond to requests for comment.

In a nice detail, the Cullman Time describes Ray DeMonia, who died of heart disease largely because they couldn’t find an intensive care bed for him within 200 miles of Cullman, as a second-generation antique dealer and auctioneer with great affection for his profession.

A 2011 profile of DeMonia in The Times described his style: “His showmanship makes the day fun, watching him encourage, cuddle and woo his audience is a thing of beauty. He knows his clients and plays with them, eliciting moans and laughs from his antics. Often during the auction he will stop and educate his buyers. “Look friends, this is an authentic vintage Chippendale, in perfect condition,” he says, pointing out the attributes of the piece, turning it over to show how carefully it is crafted, or unique details such as the manufacturer’s signature. “…

… Along with his activity as an antique dealer and auctioneer, he managed real estate sales and valued parts for insurance coverage. He once found a painting by Claude Monet in a real estate sale. It was auctioned off to a buyer in Huntsville. “Not many people can say they’ve held a Monet,” he told The Times.

And now, because of pampered and empowered ignorance, there is one less. As a country, we should be ashamed of this.

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