COP26 News and Updates – Unmissable Headlines from the Climate Change Conference


The United Nations Climate Change Conference continues today in Glasgow.

COP26 has already seen crucial discussions unfold in Scotland’s largest city with global leaders and activists taking the stage to urge the world to come together in the fight against climate change.

World leaders are now returning home after meeting in the SECC to try to cut carbon emissions and save the planet from a climate crisis.

However, the conference continues with more than a week of events to come.

Here are all the latest headlines from COP26 to keep you up to date.

World leaders return from COP26 summit as Joe Biden bids farewell to Scotland

US President Joe Biden greets from Air Force One as he departs Edinburgh, Scotland November 2

World leaders have started returning home after COP26 after two days of climate summit negotiations held in Glasgow.

United States President Joe Biden left at around 10:20 p.m. Tuesday evening after flying out of Edinburgh Airport with other leaders who left overnight and this morning.

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Disbelief as planes fly 22 miles from Prestwick to Glasgow for COP26

The flights were tracked between Prestwick and Glasgow
The flights were tracked between Prestwick and Glasgow

Several planes flew the short distance between Prestwick and Glasgow International Airport during the COP26 summit.

Reports of the thefts have sparked outrage on social media, as world leaders and delegates gather in Glasgow for the climate change summit.

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COP26: Nicola Sturgeon’s covid advisor ‘concerned’ about huge queues before conference

There were huge queues for COP26
There were huge queues for COP26

A senior adviser to Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said seeing huge queues of people waiting to enter the COP26 conference in Glasgow is “of real concern” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Professor Devi Sridhar, professor of global public health at the University of Edinburgh, said seeing photos of hundreds of people nearby had left her anxious about how “fragile” the situation was.

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Joe Biden “evacuated” from the COP26 as the American president kidnapped by the secret services

President Joe Biden evacuated from an event at COP26
President Joe Biden evacuated from an event at COP26

Joe Biden was reportedly evacuated from a COP26 event due to a large crowd gathered outside the venue.

The US president was scheduled to speak at a methane gas event, but this was delayed after Biden was “kicked out by the Secret Service.”

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COP26 bosses sorry after teenager complains about ‘awkward and strange’ event in Glasgow

Queues at the SEC in Glasgow
Huge queues have built up outside Glasgow’s SEC for the Cop26 summit

A teenage climate change campaigner called the COP26 summit in Glasgow “awkward and strange” after organizers were struck by a flood of complaints about how long it takes to get into the venue.

Alexandria Villasenor, 16, is among thousands of activists who have traveled to Scotland to attend the United Nations conference at the SEC.

The bosses have since issued an apology.

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Inside Joe Biden’s COP26 relay – snipers, bulletproof limousine, “nerve center” and hotel hydrangeas

US President Joe Biden greets from Air Force One as he departs Edinburgh, Scotland November 2

Joe Biden is one of many world leaders to descend to Glasgow for the COP26 climate change summit.

The US president landed in Scotland yesterday before delivering speeches on the second and third days of the conference.

A number of plans are in place to ensure the safety of the US President while in Scotland.

Here’s everything we know so far.

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