Dodgers vs. Brave live updates: NLCS Game 5 news, start time, channel as Atlanta looks to move to World Series


The Dodgers pounced on Max Fried with four straight hits and took a 3-2 lead on an AJ Pollock first home run and a two-point explosion from Chris Taylor. Fried was fortunate enough to come out of the round with a one-point deficit – especially after breaking through Trea Turner to put the runners in the first and second row – but he got away with cuddling a low ground weakness from Corey Seager. to Freddie Freeman.

Stephen J. Nesbitt: AJ Pollock came out shooting. Hit Max Fried’s first offer, then found a four seam on the plate and delivered it to fans in left center field to halve the lead.

Cody Stavenhagen: AJ Pollock is one of the best fastpitch hitters in the league. Fifteen of his 21 home runs this year have come from the four-seam fastpitch. Max Fried left that one a bit too far on the plate.

Fabien Ardaya: The Dodgers offense got hot there, or at least the exit speeds did. Three balls in a row against Max Fried (a homerun from AJ Pollock, a single from Albert Pujols, a homerun from Chris Taylor) and it’s a 3-2 lead.

Nesbitt: Oh my. A nightmarish streak for Max Fried. After Pollock popped a radiator, Albert Pujols outlived Fried and dropped a left single, then Chris Taylor destroyed a first pitch fastball in the pen past the left field wall.

Steve Berman: And after Albert Pujols lines up a left for a single, Chris Taylor hits a fastball from the first left pitch. Muzzle velocity of 112 mph too. Which are intensified rapidly.

Stavenhangen: So that’s not what Max Fried had in mind. After a single from Albert Pujols, a shot from Chris Taylor to left field gave the Dodgers a 3-2 lead. No more starting pitcher issues in what continues to be an odd playoff series. It looked like two fast balls Fried simply left on the plate.

David O’Brien: Fried, who ceded a solo homerun to Will Smith in Game 1 of the NLCS, allowed just one homerun in 35 innings in his last five regular season starts, then limited the Brewers to three strokes. sure in seven scoreless innings in his first playoff start. . Now the Dodgers are hitting him with long balls, and they have no doubts about it.

Ardaya: The Dodgers put in as many hits to start the second inning against Max Fried as they got in Game 4.

O’Brien: Four straight hits including two homers to start the second inning against Fried, who allowed eight hits but just two runs in six innings in his first game of this series. The Dodgers only had four hits in a Braves box game in Game 4.

Nesbitt: Max Fried is shaken. With two strikeouts, Cody Bellinger bluffed as he stole the second goal. Chase d’Arnaud tried to stop Fried’s delivery, but instead Fried essentially threw home while watching first base. He ended up piercing Trea Turner (he’s fine) to continue the round.

Ardaya: Cody Bellinger appeared dead in the water at first, but Fried continued to walk towards the plate and hit Trea Turner in the shoulder. The coach came to see Turner, but he stays. Weird game. Fried looks away.

Stavenhagen: Rarely do you see an MLB pitcher so taken aback by the movement of a baserunner. Fried was right to continue his home delivery. But hitting the batter made the odd streak even stranger.

O’Brien: Fried has allowed just four homers and hitting a batter while going 7-0 with a 1.46 ERA in 74 innings in his last 11 regular-season games. He gave up two homers and hit a batter in two innings tonight, and it was an odd RAP after being distracted by the base runner (Fried has one of the two or three best pick moves in baseball.).

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