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(Council Bluffs) – Officials at Iowa Western Community College are hopeful the school can avoid the spike in COVID-19 cases seen in other parts of KMAland.

Although exact figures are not available, Iowa Western President Dr Dan Kinney said his institution avoided the large number of COVID cases among students and staff around the same time of the year. last. Kinney updated the school’s COVID situation on KMA’s “Morning Line” program earlier this week

“We’ll have maybe one or two a week,” Kinney said, “with a student or even a professor or a staff member going positive. But we’ve done really well. I think it’s the protocols that we had implemented, and some of them that we have maintained from last year to this year. Overall it has been a very good semester. “

Kinney adds that there has been a good response from students and faculty to COVID vaccinations. Although vaccinations are not mandatory, Kinney says they are encouraged.

“Overall, I would say a large percentage of our faculty, staff and students have been vaccinated,” he said. “We’ve had a number of vaccination clinics on campus to include more booster shots recently. The participation rates were excellent. where we encouraged the students to get it (the coup), and allow them to have $ 100 in their account. “

However, Kinney adds that Iowa Western is waiting to see if the school falls under OSHA regulations requiring staff immunizations for large companies employing 100 or more workers.

“We are waiting to find out now whether we do it or not,” Kinney said. “I know it’s in the hands of the lawyer. There are a lot of different things going on. We’re over 100 employees as a global organization. So, yes, it could happen. I don’t think it does. will happen. Again, we’re just waiting. We’ve worked with lawyers on all types of decisions. We’re just waiting to see what comes out. “

Kinney says many students and staff still wear masks on campus – although no face covering requirements are in place.

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