They are called investments for a reason


I’m not sure I understand why people want Aaron Rodgers to sit in Week 18 and compromise the No.1 seed. Wouldn’t sitting on the week off after getting number 1 be the same free time? Or is it too much math?

Nobody sits down. Nobody gives up. Not until the No. 1 seed hay is in the barn.

Daniel from Los Angeles, California

As it stands, despite missing three initial seasons, Rodgers has six seasons of stats behind Brady. At the current rate, if he averages 30 TD per season, which is a snap for him, Rodgers would be able to surpass Tom Brady’s TD record as long as he played regardless of age. which Brady is retiring from. It’s amazing and I really hope Aaron intends to do just that.

I don’t even look at the age with these two anymore. A few years ago I raised a Rocky Maivia eyebrow when Brady spoke about his desire to play 45 and now I’m starting to wonder if 50 is possible for him. With the way Rodgers treats his body, I think he could easily go this route.

Love, love, love the reference “A Few Good Men”! It absolutely made my day. Having said that, I think Lamar Jackson’s sprained ankle is going to lead to some new Baltimore looks. It will not be the same film for the Pack to review. It’s going to be an interesting game.

Jackson can beat teams in a variety of ways, and John Harbaugh is astute. The only people who know exactly what Jackson can and can’t do right now are inside the Ravens facility. I expect Jackson to execute a creative and achievable plan. The Packers must be ready for anything.

Gutey’s ability to use a crystal ball is somewhat lost in the mix of wounds rash. This is the case with Dennis Kelly. At the time, it seemed like a curious decision to add a guy who was a 17-game starter elsewhere and then leave him on the bench. Now that makes perfect sense. A few congratulations thrown in his own way seem in order.

They’re called investments for a reason, aren’t they? Looking at how the past few seasons have unfolded, signing Dennis Kelly on the eve of training camp was a wise investment on Green Bay’s part. In an instant, he’s playing critical shots for a contender in mid-December.

Will the defense have a “spy” for Lamar Jackson? Or is it too simple of a plan? It’s so quick who would you see using in that role?

This is where De’Vondre Campbell has been invaluable this year. Because Campbell can spy on the quarterback naturally without shirking other responsibilities (eg, Clay Matthews in the past). This is especially true if Krys Barnes is on the pitch with a nickel look. The Packers have had plenty of training against scrambling quarterbacks. Jackson presents new challenges but there are also a lot of movies about him now.

Morning Wes, I’ve been to about eight Packers games in person, I’ve only seen them win once, in Baltimore in 2013. I’m back this Sunday for a hopeful victory. With Harbaugh a defensive-minded coach, what does the O-line and Aaron Rodgers need to plan to win the game? Conversely, if Lamar does not play, what does Joe Barry do with his defense against the reinforcement of the Ravens? Thank you and good day!

Harbaugh embodies what it means to be an NFL head coach. Much like Bill Belichick, Harbaugh is a special teams training coach, but he’s involved in every phase of the game. Like Cleveland did last week, I think the Packers need to start quickly against the Ravens and assert their domination. If Jackson can’t go, Tyler Huntley is a capable replacement with a similar style of play. No matter who starts at QB, the Packers’ defense needs to keep the take out.

Yes, players and coaches have to do “one game at a time”. This is not the case for the initiated. The Packers will likely have to win to secure the NFC seed, and they will be favorites in each of the next four games. Forced to choose one, which of these games makes you most uncomfortable?

That sort of defeats the purpose of your question, but this is probably the one that comes up. I know the Browns beat the Ravens last week, but Baltimore is a tough team to plan. Their pattern, on both sides of the ball, is not easy to reproduce.

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