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UPDATE (CBS46) – Atlanta Gas Light cuts natural gas service to more than 400 units in the Dunwoody apartment complex, where 25 housing units were damaged after an explosion on Sunday.

An inspection revealed problems with the aircraft and the fuel lines in the buildings of the Arrive Perimeter complex. The Dunwoody town code officer ordered AGL to suspend services to the entire apartment complex until all units are inspected by a licensed plumber and found to be safe to operate.

AGL is not responsible for the operation or maintenance of devices or fuel lines inside the properties of its customers.

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DUNWOODY, Ga (CBS46) – Investigators continue to investigate what caused a horrific explosion at an apartment complex in Dunwoody on Sunday afternoon. The incident injured four people and left several residents without a home to return to.

Dekalb Fire Department confirms two of the four injured are still in hospital; one with severe burns and the other with a broken leg. A total of 25 homes were directly affected by the blast, leaving 50 residents dependent on help from the American Red Cross.

Structural engineers are on site to examine the building to determine whether to give the green light to some of the residents living at the rear of the apartment complex.

Residents say there was a smell of gas and firefighters reported that a call had been made regarding the smell. However, the cause of the explosion is not confirmed.

In a statement regarding the explosion, the Atlanta Gas Light Company wrote:

“Atlanta Gas Light is committed to providing safe and reliable natural gas service to our customers. On the afternoon of Sunday, September 12, Atlanta Gas Light received a call alerting us that the smell of gas was present in the area. Arrive Perimeter apartments near the 2000 block Asbury Square in Dunwoody. Following the call, a field service representative was quickly dispatched and, according to our initial investigation, was on his way to the scene when an incident occurred.On our arrival, we began to coordinate with the first responders, turning off the natural gas connected to the affected units and carrying out security checks.For the moment, we have not identified any another call to Atlanta Gas Light related to gas odor complaints at the impacted sites. We continue to work with investigators to determine the cause of this incident. “

Atlanta Gas Light recalls that it is adding a chemical odorant known as mercaptan to natural gas to allow others to detect a potential gas leak, but stressed that the cause of the Dunwoody explosion remains unconfirmed.

The company added that if anyone suspects that a gas leak has occurred, they should always leave the area immediately. Once at a safe distance, call 9-1-1 or the Atlanta Gas Light 24 hour emergency line at 1-877-427-4321.

Dunwoody Baptist Church also offered to help evacuees from the apartment complex and said a few residents remained at the church overnight. The church provides showers, cots and food for those affected by the incident.

Residents of the Dunwoody apartment and members of the community have set up a GoFundMe, soliciting donations to help those affected by the explosion. Make a donation, Click here.

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