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Washington County is nearing last place in the state for the rate of new COVID-19 cases per capita, according to the most recent statistics from the Ohio Department of Health.

The ODH publishes the number of new cases in each county over the past two weeks every Thursday afternoon. The statewide average was 359.1 per 100,000 population, down from 616.7 on September 30, but nowhere near the 19.6 figure recorded on July 1.

Washington County saw 148 new cases among its 59,911 residents from October 14 to 27. That’s a rate of 247 per 100,000, the second lowest of Buckeye State’s 88 counties and above Hamilton County’s 236.6.

Last week, the county posted 180 new cases and a 100,000 rate of 300.4, which was the 85th in the state.

He continues a slide for the county from 12th place six weeks ago.

That’s good news, said Sherry Ellem, public information officer for the Washington County Department of Health, but it doesn’t mean the threat of the virus has passed.

“Anything over 50 per 100,000 is still considered high transmission” she said. “Yes, it is going down and it is because we have taken precautionary measures. We must therefore continue to be careful. “

As the virus is expected to eventually move from a pandemic phase to an endemic phase, where it is still present but manageable, people will need to make good choices and do what they can to protect the most vulnerable, Ellem said.

“Vaccination is really the best tool we have today” she said. “If they choose not to be vaccinated, yes, take whatever protective measures you can.”

Monroe County recorded 59 cases in the two-week period, up from 94 from October 7 to 21. This took the county of 13,654 residents from a rate of 688.4 per 100,000 to 432.1, and from 15th in the state to 46th.

Morgan County, another rural county in southeastern Ohio with a smaller population, has fallen further. New cases rose from 87 to 49, and the rate of 599.7 per 100,000 fell from the 24th to the 66th, to 337.7.

The change in Noble County went in the same direction, from the 46th to the 49th. There have been 60 cases among its 14,424 residents in the past two weeks for a rate of 416 per 100,000. This is compared to 71 cases and a rate of 492.2 per 100,000 last week.

Athens County actually fell from the 81st to the 80th, but the total number of cases rose from 222 to 188. The rate per 100,000 fell from 339.8 to 287.8.

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