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The Bremer County Courthouse in Waverly.

CHRIS ZOELLER Personal courier photographer

WAVERLY – While the idea of ​​becoming a ‘constitutional county’ was fairly quickly rejected in Bremer County last week, support for a narrower measure focused on the Second Amendment at the state level has appeared to spark interest.

Gary Shawver, of Wadena, and Mike La Coste, of Waverly, appeared before the Bremer County Oversight Board in late August asking them to consider declaring Bremer a “constitutional county.”

A constitutional county is a county that guarantees that it will not pass or enforce laws that infringe on the rights of citizens under the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The county sheriff becomes primarily responsible for the execution of both, replacing the three branches of the federal and state government as necessary.

The idea was clearly not popular, as all of the roughly 10 residents present at Tuesday’s meeting, when the issue was on the agenda for discussions, opposed it.

Supervisor Tim Neil said 100% of the calls and emails he received were against the idea, which he called “mainstream”. The three supervisors acknowledged taking an oath to respect both federal and state constitutions and taken this responsibility seriously, but saw no need to go further.

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Except for the Second Amendment, concerning the citizens’ right to bear arms, according to supervisor Duane Hildebrandt. Hildebrandt told those in attendance that he was sure they all knew he was a “very strong supporter of the Second Amendment.”


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